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What is an Influencer?

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What is an influencer?
Of course, anyone in the online marketing world is advised to use influencers. Where this influencer is one of the marketing strategies to increase brand awareness through the social networks of certain figures. The source, of course, is to increase the level of sales of a product.

It could be said that an influencer is anyone who creates certain content and has a group of followers. Where the followers of these influencers are usually very eager to follow every latest post from those they follow. Generally, these influencers share a variety of topics depending on the topics they dominate.

Influence is believed to be capable of creating new trends that make a particular brand rise. This is because fans tend to follow or imitate what their idols do. This is where consumers' desire to buy increases.

Influencers are a current job that could be said to be very promising. Both United Kingdom and even International, the role of influencers is felt to be able to increase brand awareness of a product. So don't be surprised if a well-known influencer can get paid up to billions in a single upload.

In the UK it currently costs around £100 to £600 for 1 post on social media which only lasts 1 week. For some big influencers it can even reach more than £10K.

More information about the world of influencers, from understanding, development, impact and how to use it can be learned through the following discussion.

If you need more detail about how the impact of influencer on marketing, you can visit Forbes site word of mouth marketing.

How is the growth of influencers today?
Discussing the development of influencers, both globally and in Indonesia, is not much different. It can also be said that influencing is one of the most promising professions today. The higher the impact given, it is directly proportional to the amount of payment that will be received later.

From the side of the brand owner or entrepreneur, this influence can be an effective alternative to promotion today. Where the total cost incurred will be proportional to the level of sales of the product. On a side note, using these influencer services still uses a mature marketing strategy. One of them is the selection of influencers that match the brand of the product.

How does marketing affect?
It has been mentioned before that the influence of influencers in the world of marketing should not be underestimated. For entrepreneurs just starting a business, these influencer services can be used as a marketing strategy to build brand awareness. Where your product will be better known in the market. The more the target market recognizes the product brand, then the sales opportunities also have the potential to increase.

What the influencer conveys is also considered soft-sell marketing. Where followers on social media will be interested in trying out what a particular character is wearing. It can be said that the opinions or comments of these influencers have more negotiation value.

Influencer development is increasing in line with the changing interests of Gen Z youth. This generation prefers to navigate cyberspace, such as social media, rather than watch TV. This is what makes artists or famous figures also take care to open up to receive advertising offers through their personal accounts on social networks. The more famous the character is, the price offered is also quite high.

How to take advantage of the influence?
The marketing process is not always in the form of television marketing or through media such as street banners. For certain products, promotion through influencer services is more effective. Where business players can map target markets that are influential followers. The trick is to look at the type of topic from the content shared and the activity of your followers.

For new entrepreneurs, it's not bad to use influencers who don't have big names like artists. Where influencers of this type, although the number of followers is not as much as mega-influencers, but the audience they have is more specific depending on the target market of a particular brand.

One of the influencers that can be used as a role model today is Camille Hanson. She is one of many influencers who has excellent credibility. Proven post management so you get the best engagement and feedback. One of the techniques that Camille do is the management of publications in social networks.

It can be concluded that the benefits of using these influencer services are quite complex. In addition to increasing brand awareness, marketing is also seen as more targeted.
n It can even be monitored for reporting. Even for creating a particular trend, a buzzer net can also be an additional bullet worth trying. The marketing process is getting easier and easier. More effective and profitable with the right strategy. Influence can be one of the recommended platforms today.

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