When buttons just are not enough - Korheg

It's a simple accessory that is often overlooked by the Indian man because we simply prefer to button up. Yet a cuff can make all the difference to your wardrobe.
Gone are the days when cufflinks were the norm for the rich and the powerful alone, and a stylish pair can quickly up your style score. The best part? They’re also available in a range of metals, designs and themes.
Samrat Zaveri, managing director of TBZ Nirmal Zaveri, believes that Indian men are becoming more fashionable at the work place, too. “Cufflinks aren’t a power statement anymore; they are more of a fashion statement. Any occasion requiring formal wear is an opportunity to make a tasteful and elegant statement with cufflinks,” he says.
Cufflinks added to your outfit for an important meeting, a cocktail party or even a dinner date can make a powerful statement about your personality and your fashion sense. 
“Designs are constantly changing to incorporate the latest trends. So for the Football World Cup, soccer ball design cufflinks were the rage. If you love golf, you can wear cufflinks designed as golf clubs,” says Kamlesh Hemdev,

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