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how to become miss world at home

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How I become queen of miss world contests sitting at home?

Beauty contests are the hardest examination to win especially in the light of huge competitions. There are lot of factors determining the personalities and overall charm of each and every contestant. In beauty contests fashion blends with intelligence and beauty. ‘Beauty’ is a meaningful word in English language covering lot of expressions. To become beauty is more meaningful as it covers everything a human can do. What is the real yardstick that measures beauty? It is more philosophical subject as many says real beauty is internal one. Ok. Let’s leave the philosophical aspect of beauty and come to the real tips of beauty. How we can prepare ourselves without so much cost improving overall outlook and thus improvement of personality? Just take one by one.

  1. Personal grooming tips

Your haircuts tell a lot of words about yourself. Be careful while fixing your haircuts; just change your haircuts and change your personality. Beware of dandruff and shampoo regularly to get ride of dandruff.

2. Your skin is everything

Skin is the most important part of beauty lesson and this part tells everything to others. Protect your skin from heavy exposure of sunlight. The sun is most intensive between the hours of 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Sun protection is very important to your skin. You can use sun block ingredients to protect your skin from severe sun.


No need to explain the importance of face in improving your glamour. Special facial attention is needed for the exposure type improvement of your glamour. Wash your face with lot of clean water many times as it provides a special kind of freshness to your face. You may have notice that some people seem to age faster than others and it is simply because of the negligence of skin care. Facial exercises like massaging should be done only with proper care and under expert advice as it may do more harm than good.

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