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women T-shirts

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T-shirts are considered to be the most economical and comfortable casual wear for kids, teenagers as well as women of any age group. Tee shirts are a favorite wear of all fashion-conscious women and impart a smart and dashing look when worn with jeans, capri etc. However, T-shirts paired with formal trousers and long skirts are ideal for office wear. They are an ideal wear for journey, shopping, beaches, picnics, etc. Collared T-shirts can be worn in sports of any kind.
Usually, T-shirts are without buttons, collarless and pocketless. They do not have a vertical front opening and is pulled on over the head. T-shirts are highly functional women wear that impart a highly fashionable look. 

abric Used for Women T-shirts

A wide range of soft and comfortable fabric is used for weaving T-shirts of latest designs and styles. Some of the popular fabrics used include Cotton, Nylon, Lycra, Knitted Cotton, Ply Wool etc.

Styles of Women T-shirts

  • The length of the women T-shirt is variable. T-shirts designed for women are usually short in length, which is not tucked inside jeans, trousers or skirts. There are some T-shirts whose length is up to the hips and can be tucked inside pants, trousers, etc and can be worn with coats, jackets and blazers.
  • Women T-shirts can be collarless or with collars. Collared T-shirts have buttons.
  • Those without collar can have variety of neck shapes like round neck, V-neck, polo neck, crew neck, hooded neck etc.
  • Women T-Shirts can have full sleeves, half sleeves or even sleeveless.

Prints and Designs on Women T-shirts

A variety of prints and designs are available. Solid, plain t shirts are available in all possible range of colors. Stripe, Checks, Abstract Prints, Floral Prints, Patch work designs are very popular. Smart, catchy, witty graffiti written on the front and back are a hot favorite among young college going girls. Custom designs in T-shirts are also very popular.

T-Shirt Trends

One of the popular styles of women's t-shirts is the v-neck t-shirts. V neck t-shirts make you look slim. It is very popular because it can be worn for both professional and casual occasions. A fresh white v neck t-shirt, paired with blue denim jeans looks very cool and stylish. Shallow v neck t-shirts are perfect for women with heavier bust lines.

The babydoll t-shirt is form fitting type of women's clothing. It has smaller sleeves, a round neck and made of stretchable fabric to show slim waistline. This is extremely popular with younger women. They are available in varied colors and prints and worn only as casual wear.

A ringer t-shirt is the mostly used as a sports uniform by women. It is fashioned with ribbed borders in a different color around the sleeves and collar. You can wear this t-shirt as everyday casual wear as well.

A crew neck t-shirt is more or less same as the babydoll t-shirt but it is in a looser form. It was originally created for wearing inside your clothing. But nowadys crew neck T shirt has become an acceptable form of outer wear. This type of t-shirt has a round neck and is usually made of cotton.

Thus the trends followed in women T shirts are wide and varied. You can easily choose a style you find the most appealing and which is suitable for your body.

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