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How to wear light blue denim

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Denim has more to offer than jeans
We know. We’ve been flogging dark jeans for years, but when it comes to denim, the other end of the spectrum has just as much to offer.

Look one: Casual day
Forget whatever injunctions you may have heard in the past against wearing more than one denim item at one time: in a casual setting, a light, cowboy-style shirt with a brown belt – and a not-too big buckle – looks perfect over a pair of jeans in a dark wash. Make sure the fit is slim.

Shirt: Wearing a denim shirt can be tricky: be sure to choose the right wash and right (semisubtle) detailing.
Jeans: Light denim shirt, dark wash on the jeans. It’s that simple. Dismiss this rule at your peril.
Belt: A distressed looking brown leather belt. This is elementary, fellas – trust in brown.
Shoes: Brown belt, brown shoes. Another simple rule. But remember, you’re wearing all denim – no need to go formal on the footwear.

Look two: Formal day
Do not, under any circumstances, double up on denim if you are going to a formal – or even semi-formal – event. Denim is known as a casual fabric for a reason, and while one piece – say, a shirt – can showcase a playful personality, a second one can quickly send the wearer into clueless territory. Finally, when presented with the opportunity to wear a white suit, take it. Avoid the ones with a sheen, though – even the finest cuts look disco when you’re reflecting light.

Shirt: A soft, washed out denim shirt works for a stiff suit, and makes it more appropriate for a formal daytime event.
Suit: White adds a subdued hint of unique glamour and class, and looks great with the light denim.
Belt: Too much of one colour can be overwhelming. Breaking it up with a dash of another colour is always advised.
Shoes: Brown lace-ups give this modern day look a classic, formal twist.

Look three: Casual Evening
Nothing quite suits a man like a navy jacket worn at night. It’s classic without being stale, and perfect for a guy on the go. Tossing on a pair of lightly distressed – and light-washed – jeans completes the look. But casual doesn’t mean you can leave your shirt untucked – you’re not a teenager any more (even if our model here could maybe pass for one). When you want to dress up your light blue denims, opt for a darker-hued jacket or shirt to give you a more formal look.

Shirt: Normally we’d be against zippers on a dress shirt – we’re still a bit squeamish – but it just looks so damn good here.
Jacket: When in doubt, go with navy – it’s perfect for any occasion, and is particularly suited to jeans.
Jeans: Dark washes have had their place in the sun. It’s time to try something new: go lighter for an ultra-casual look that offsets the jacket.
Shoes: Never underestimate the power of a sleek pair of sneakers.

Look four: Formal Evening
When you want to dress up but don’t necessarily want to look as tightly wound as your dark-suited brethren, you really cannot go wrong with a beige linen suit. Match it up with a light denim shirt and you’ve pulled off a separation from the conformist masses. And, if you are ever afforded the excuse to wear a linen suit – bonus points if it’s a light-coloured one – definitely take it. 

Shirt: Pick a nice shade of blue. Just keep in mind what colour your shirt is complementing when you’re choosing the wash.
Suit: India is tropical, so there’s usually an excuse to wear a linen suit: light, airy, comfortable. But these things wrinkle like a shar-pei, so make sure you press it before you wear it.
Tie: Stick to the colour palette of the ensemble with a neutral brown.
Shoes: A classic pair of leather brogues. Simple enough.

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