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Fashionable Bags:

Collage Graffiti, Jimmy Choo Glazed Canvas Bag of Limited Edition
Jimmy Choo has used directly the inspiration as the design at this time The Project PEP-designed graffiti bag series has a wide variety of patterns and texts.
Snake-skins, zebra stripes, Anglo-American flag, design manuscripts, clothing accessories, gems, phone number, lip prints, graffiti texts … if your eyesight is good, at silly time you can carefully study the number of elements. Although so many things are mixed together, there is a kind of harmony and beauty, and a few bright colors are very eye-catching. The glazed canvas material is waterproof, which seems closer to the texture of leather without the childish sense of canvas, so the graffiti handbag is also suitable for being taken when attending a party.

Fashionable Bags: Interpret the Punk Style (Three)

Sweet Peach Heart Series Bag
It uses the heart-shaped car-line embossing. The sweet doctrine and the rock and roll style reveal the rebellious sense among the well-behaved. The cool temptation would capture the sinking restless heart of youth boys and girls.
Color Series Popular Dual-use Bag
The low-key black and canvas woven PU, even in the fog of the cold winter, also can dig out a glimpse of blue water popular in summer, which always has ways to show itself well.

Elegant Rivet Series Dual-use Bag
In the north wind, proudly show up some skirt. The ice-cold rivets create thin thick texture, which like a princess-like arrogance and is hard-edged. The metal has not left in this season.

Cool Punk-style Shiny Rivet-decorated Shoulder Bag
Crazy rivets grow as if they have lives. As to tassels, they cut short hair. However, the low-key gray will be able to create the charm which is difficult to be resisted.

Fashionable Bags: Interpret the Punk Style (Two)

Luxurious and Retro Series Fashionable Shoulder Bag
The luxurious combination of fur and crocodile skin is absolutely the most fashionable mix in this fall and winter. The inverted mountain-shaped design of pockets is the bright spot of this bag, which is elegant and a litter wild! Gossip Girl, raises your unique skill!
Low-key and Elegant Fashionable Shoulder Bag
With the fresh elegant smoke gray and soft thread fabric, in winter, the low-key style is also an implicit exuding the faint light.
British Knight Series Cool Bag
The series full of the British style embeds metal rings in the surface of the bag as a decoration. The overall feeling looks neat and tidy. Metal parts use the latest technology of the paint, adding a cool sense, like a medieval European knight.

Fashionable Bags: Interpret the Punk Style (One)

In this winter, bags, with the unique personality and the bold and uninhibited style interpret the unique way of thinking and attitude towards life of Gossip Girl “Pink Punk”.

Elegant Rivet Series Dual-use Bag
The aristocratic temperament of blue is the implicit edge. The thick nail rivets show bohemian styles. As to the royal family’s fierce sense, Gossip Girl shows well and accurate!

Color Series Popular Dual-use Bag
A continuation of the classic style of A.D.M.J shows more streets style. Lip’s eyes and engraved badges ribbon show the thick British flavor.
Low-key and Elegant Series Fashionable Dual-use Bag
Refreshing elegant light green is matched with a low-key and elegant dark brown. The bright colors are also needed in fall and winter! The soft rib fabric is especially suitable for those who are afraid of the cold weather in winter, which is very warm and comfortable.

Fashionable Bags: Write Beautiful Blogs about the Fashion in Fall and Winter (Three)

Fashion Comments: It is not only in the summer that we can back a canvas bag. In the cold winter, canvas handbags are also popular. The cartoon image on a white canvas is very chic and cute. When being matched with a sweater and snow boots, the mix will make the one who uses it look cheerful and lively and full of the youthful temperament.

Fashion Comments: In this winter, bags also need to wear spacesuits. The texture of space bags is very strong. The rounded shape somewhat has a simple, honest and cute sense. The space bags are not suitable for being matched with space coats and down garments as to avoid the overall shape being too bloated.

Fashion Comments: In the cold fall and winter, a charming small bag is very necessary. It can contain such small things as a mobile phone, a wallet and so on. When being matched with a skirt or pants, both mixes are light and sweet.

Fashionable Bags: Write Beautiful Blogs about the Fashion in Fall and Winter (Two)

Fashion Comments: The red checkered shirt being matched with a tough locomotive leather coat outside displays a deep British flavor. With sexy silk stockings and bandage booties, the slender legs are show well. The rivet-decorated handbag with a motorcycle British style highlights the handsome grid type.

Fashion Comments: In this winter, taking a red handbag leaves much to be ostentatious. The compact bag of a checker design is matched with a uniform coat. The simple match is full of the sweet flavor of girls.

Fashion Comments: High-heeled shoes and small coats are essential single items by OL in this season. The mix of the bag with the rich texture and the whole style has a very harmonious sense, creating attractive ladies’ sense! The match is ideal for those OL who prefer the leisure style.

Fashionable Bags: Write Beautiful Blogs about the Fashion in Fall and Winter (One)

In fall and winter seasons, under a bloated match, a handbag will make your match especially attractive. Whether you have a sweet lady OL style, tough and handsome street style, or leisure and sweet students’ taste, select an appropriate bag to highlight the bright spot of your style, making people around you can not resist projecting the attention to you.

Fashion Comments: In the severe winter, sweaters, hats and gloves follow together. In a medium-dark match, an eye-catching bag makes your match full of dynamism and vitality. The simple handbag of an elegant style, combined with a fall color, makes the common clothes become exciting.

Fashion Comments: A woman wearing high-heeled shoes and stockings really has a particularly feminine sense. But to show the confident and sweet charm, only depending on these things alone will not enough. The pink handbag is fashionable and generous, with a sweet and fresh color. The professional set with this handbag always shows your sweet and self-confident charm.
Fashionable Bags’ Show: Temptation in Fall and Winter (Three)

Fashion Comments: The variety-style pants are indeed a remarkable helper to show thin. When being matched with ankle boots, the mix is full of the street-style flavor. Accompanied by an exquisite chain handbag, the whole style is full of feminine charm!
Fashion Comments: The fur coat matched with the black and white leggings is very eye-catching. The classic Chanel chain bag and the pearl necklace bring out the charm of an elegant woman.
Fashion Comments: In 09 fall and winter, the windbreakers are also a hot spot. This season’s windbreakers make a big fuss on the match. Whether being matched with pants or dresses, both can show the handsome femininity. Even matched with a briefcase, it’s also unconventional.
Fashion Comments: The handsome motorcycle coat and the denim coat of the nostalgic sense are essential single products for the handsome match. The short leather coat matched with a white skirt, the mix is very charming! A black metal decorative handbag is also an essential element of the type lattice in fall.

Fashion Comments: In this year, the jackboots highlight the sexy charm and create an era without pants in fall and winter. When being matched with the lederhosen mix of motorcycle leather, it shows the handsome and tough image of women. As to the black checkered chain bag, the details reflect the pleasant side of femininity. It’s handsome, rock and sexy.

Fashion Comments: The fur hat is more suitable for the winter atmosphere. When matching the reminiscent green suit with a short skirt, the retro taste is leisurely born, as if backing to the school time. The popular retro style gives you a taste of the fresh mix!

Fashion Comments: The hair + flaming shawls, as if return to the Monroe era. The golden oblique shoulder loose-fitting dress being matched with black leggings, the ix is full of women’s flavor and reveals the sexy nature. Matched with a black shoulder bag randomly, the one who uses the mix is filled with charming and romantic feeling.

Fashion Comments: The classic bag model is particularly popular in this year. When being matched with a pair of simple short boots, it’s especially good-looking. The pants matched with a thin belt, the mix is prevalent in this season. The overall feeling is nostalgia and fashionable.

Fashionable Bags’ Show: Temptation in Fall and Winter (One)

Whether being matched with a skirt or with pants, a fall and winter handbag makes you have an absolute surge wave of the female charm. The following will introduce the mixes of street-type women’s handbags: tough and handsome style, retro and nostalgia fad, elegant style…The show of handbags in the streets of Europe and the United States has a kind of winter atmosphere particularly.
Fashion Comments: The mixes in the streets of Europe and the United States mostly use the black wave as a central theme. In fact, mixes of other colors also have the same great taste. The green dress + black leggings + booties, the mix is very fashionable, making people can not take their eyes off. As to the black entire section, of course, it is good. The overall black mix reflects elegance. The fine details of the handbag and boots show women’s gentle nature well, giving a full expression of the overall harmony sense.

Fashion Comments: That’s it! No wrong! Whether magazines or stars, they all like the Alexander Wang Coco handbag very much. When being matched with a black hood dress, a lovely fashion sense makes people like it. The low-profile rivet design at the bottom of the handbag is still very limelight.

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