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Both men's women's and children shoes underwent several changes of style in the decade.
By 2005, stiletto-heeled shoes with elongated extremely pointed toes became the dominant trend in women's footwear. In 2007, ballet flats appeared yet again, and the toes of many women's shoes became rounded, rivaling but not entirely replacing the pointed-toed stiletto-heeled shoe.[22] Boots came in a variety of styles, some with the heels high, heavy and geometric in shape. By 2009, many designers had also brought back the high heel coupled with platform sole, last seen as recently as the end of the 1990s, and, as with the combination of pointed toe and stiletto heel, never far from popularity somewhere in the spectrum of fashion. The newer platform sole is often referred to as "concealed" when it is covered with the same piece of material as the upper, in the manner popularised by Vivienne Westwood.
From 2006 onwards ugg boots became popular with both men and women. They were usually worn with jeans tucked in boots or leggings tucked in boots, with a skirt, pair of shorts or with a short dress over the leggings. Ugg boots were sold in both short and tall varieties.[citation needed]
From 2003 through today canvas sneakers have become very in. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars in many colours especially black are popular.
Keds were popular especially classic canvas champion styles. Toms, slip-on canvas shoes that came with a donation of the same pair to children in third-world countries, were introduced in 2006. Moccasins and fringed ankle boots were also popular at the end of the decade.
Flats became the new fashion staple, and were popularized by Chanel and Marc Jacobs styles. They were worn with everything from dresses and skirts to capris, skinny jeans, shorts, and leggings.
Bright coloured plastic clogs known as Crocs[23] were a brief fad in the summer of 2006, and again in 2010. They were popular with middle-class America, with a wide footbed that could fit almost anyone.[24]
In Europe in the autumn and winter of 2009, stiletto-heeled shoes and ankle boots with cone-shaped heels were very popular, popularized by Louis Vuitton styles.[25]
Boat shoes such as Sperry became more popular towards the late first decade of the 21st century, they were typically worn with skinny jeans and without socks. Or with shorts or capris. Mixed rubber/plastic flip flops took off in 2001.
In 2009, mens shoes got longer, more pointed, and with square tipped toes. They became a trend with all males, except for the elderly and children. they, along with both moccasin style loafers and Trainers (A.K.A.- 'sneakers' in the USA and 'takkies' in South Africa) were still in vogue to, as were climbing boots for every day streetware. Court shoes and Oxford shoes declined as Karrimor hiking trainers and conventional trainers took an even stronger hold in the UK.
Kids velcro-lock strap Plimsoll shoes were the new Anglo-Irish vogue for children's shoes in 2009 and continued in to 2010.

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