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It can be stressful!
Dealing with all those terms that  jeans aficionados use so casually, and wondering if you're the only one that has no clue what they mean: tight fit, low rise flares, with artful distressing, slightly frayed, button fly, wide yoke, signature flap pockets............ well, you get the idea.
Then you have to accept the fact that you just can no longer squeeze into the size that "is rightfully yours". And all you really want is to find a pair that fits well and makes you look great!
We have no "one size fits all" answers, just some simple guidelines on how to find jeans that fit.
At Jeans and Accessories we aim to clear up what this "denim-speak" is really all about and get past the hype. What’s more, we don’t truly believe that there is a “perfect pair”, except as it relates to your specific body type, size and personal style.
Sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry, it’s not very complicated. We've broken down the search for the perfect pair into a simple step by step process:
  • The Basics: We’ll do our best to help you sift through the noise. Understanding the latest trends in denim fashion, or what the tags or sales promotion says, should then be a cinch! The following topics are covered in detail:
    • Sizes
    • Styles
    • Cut and Fit
    • Washes
    • Embellishments
  • Dressing For Your Body Type: It’s all a matter of some simple rules of balance and composition, and it is fundamental to looking your best.
  • Developing Your Personal Style: Denim permeates all major apparel markets: premium designer, urban, hip hop, street wear, teen, action, goth, you name it, denim is a part of it. We will venture into the world of fashion as it applies to this unique fabric, to help make your choice a true expression of your individuality.
  • Accessorizing: No garment can be “dressed up” or “down” as successfully as blue jeans. Your choice of hairstyle, eyewear, handbag, belts, and footwear is critical to your style. We named our site “Jeans and Accessories” for good reason!

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